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Marketing, promotion and diffusion tools and strategies are not enough by themselves
when the target audience belongs to this high-profile scientific world
ePromote® is 360° management of diffusion through digital media
  • Creation of databases with potential attendants, master lecturers and speakers
  • Definition of target audience depending on the Event's characteristics and goals
  • Segmentation and marketing strategies applied to each identified segment
  • Planning and carrying out email marketing campaigns
  • Reports and metrics of effectiveness for decision making
  • Direct contact and support when required
  • Spreading campaigns for diffusing information in the appropriate channels
  • Development and maintenance of the Event's Website
  • Content Management in the Event's social networks
  • Effective SEO Strategies, Google Ads, organic and paid Promotions of relevant posts in the Event's Social Networks
  • Design and generation of graphic content and videos

The answer is so easy: we are NOT a Marketing Agency.

We are a Professional Conference Organizer (PCO), that have included in our team to professionals who complement with their marketing and publicity knowledge, our strong experience in promoting scientific events as part of our duties since we started working in this field.

Said that, we understand who is the target audience, their professional profile, their main interest and we are used to speak their language.

We know how to get to them, and how to promote a Scientific Event using the right digital tools combined with an experience based marketing strategy.

Digital means and tools are not just eco-friendly. They have a huge potential to reach the right target audience in the minimum amount of time.
Combining this advantage, with the knowledge and experience of exclusive working for the same field as the target audience, we obtain ePromote®


Contact us for more information about all theese Congress® modules offer for successful organizing and conducting online congresses, conferences, courses and specializations. It's time to take advantage on the unlimited possibilities that technology offers for carrying our of virtual events