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Sharing and getting knowledge among scientific community was never so easy with eConference®, a complete pack of modules for online and virtual scientific events management


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    Researching, communicating and learning are key processes in the scientific community. Conducting and attending to online scientific congresses, seminars, and conferences offer an unlimited way to share knowledge. Conducting virtual events in a secure and powerful platform is achieved with Virtual Venue®.

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    Never before it's been so important making learning a continuous process. This is possible through online courses and specializations with all the advantages that technology offers to make distance to be irrelevant and maximize the opportunities for sharing knowledge and experience. Online courses and workshops are managed with eStudy®.

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    eConference® offer the same value and attendance opportunities than an on-site event. Our clients and users will never miss such opportunities with ePromote®: the eCongress® module for promoting virtual events as well as on-site events through digital media reaching the appropriate audience.

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    Interrelation with all other modules including eRegister® and eCertificate® so attendants are able to register, pay and manage their registration through an online platform, accredit attendance to the event, as well as downloading the digital certificate of attendance at any time once the event has been closed, just to say a few.

It's impossible not to be enthusiastic. The evolution of scientific events has been translated into limitless opportunities


Contact us for more information about all theese Congress® modules offer for successful organizing and conducting online congresses, conferences, courses and specializations. It's time to take advantage on the unlimited possibilities that technology offers for carrying our of virtual events